How to Get Paid to Go to School With Student Loans and Other Financial Assistance

June 24, 2021 0 Comments

get paid to go to school

How to Get Paid to Go to School With Student Loans and Other Financial Assistance

Going to college should be exciting. Not so much about the financial aspect of going to college, though. Not quite the stressful, exhausting, and financially draining experience of college education, either. However, one good thing about college – besides getting to spend four years in classes (although I say “class” loosely) – is that you can earn cash while you’re learning. Yes, you can get paid to go to school.

Going to college used to mean just working your way through school, struggling through courses and classes, getting bad grades, and generally getting a horrible experience. But today’s educational opportunities mean much more. Scholarships and grants to cover the majority of your tuition costs, plus any books or lab fees required for your course of study. These are all expenses that would have been completely out of your reach without the aid from educational assistance programs.

It’s not even really necessary to get a full ride scholarship to get paid to go to school. There are a lot of government-funded scholarships and grant programs available for low-income families, which you can apply for by filling out a FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. If your family has an income that falls into the qualification range for federal assistance, the Pell Grant, as well as the Perkins Loan, can pay for at least part of your college costs. For families that don’t qualify for financial assistance, there are also state-funded financial aid programs available, as well as numerous work-study programs at local community colleges.

If you’re looking for ways to get paid to go to school, don’t forget about private student loans, too. There are federal loans, and various kinds of lenders that will give you federal student loans, including Sallie Mae, Citibank, Chase, and other major banks. These student loans are backed by the federal government, and therefore are pretty good money. You’ll want to exhaust all your options to find the best rates on these loans, and make sure that you fully understand all the repayment terms before signing on the dotted line.

Another great way to get paid to go to school is to complete your FAFSA online. By completing a FAFSA online, you can save time and money and have the results within minutes. Many private educational institutions now accept FAFSA applications, and many colleges even have a web presence where you can apply for financial assistance right from your website. Be sure to fill out all your papers accurately, and provide all the requested information. The faster you complete this process, the sooner you can start paying back the money you’ll be receiving.

For more detailed information about grants and scholarships, you can also visit the websites of various organizations that offer help. There are federal and state aid programs that target students with low income, as well as students attending community college. It may be easier to obtain grants and scholarships than you think!